We think teaching is the best way of learning.

Design is something we make, but also something we share and shake. We deliver courses and design workshops since 2011, for different groups of participants, covering topics from service design, social innovation, design thinking, open innovation, service perspective for digital services.

We strongly believe that learning is hard work, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring: that’s why all our courses are immersive, based on peer learning and with a certain degree of playfulness.

Service Design courses

We organise courses in Sicily since 2014 (previously in London since 2011) called Service Design South.
Next edition will take place on Summer 2019. Meanwhile, take a loook on previous editions

» 2015 edition
» 2016 edition
» 2017 edition
» 2018 edition

co-design workshops

When training is not enough, then there is co-design. If you are seeking ways to blend creativity boost, mixing people from different sectors and work on real 

Bespoke training

We have large experience in organising user centred co-design training for companies, agencies, third sector.  

Choosing a bespoke course means we can carefully create a training format adapted to your needs, covering your case studies and finding a co-creating way to let you learn what you need at the best.

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